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Let's Learn Some Of The Best Ways To Handle The Cost Of A Disability Blind man with seeing eye dog
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Let’s Learn Some Of The Best Ways To Handle The Cost Of A Disability

A disability can be expensive. Indeed, research shows that a disability can be one of the main reasons why people do struggle with debt later in life. That’s particularly concerning when you look at the statistical chances of developing a disability or long-term injury at some point in your life. They are far more common …

Woman looking stressed with her head in her hands
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Smart Ways to Get Settled When You’re Stressed

Stress is something that we all have to face in different ways. Some people might experience more stress than others, but everyone has to deal with being wound up and tense for various reasons. You might feel stressed because of work, family problems, health issues, money or anything else that can get you down when …

Woman practicing yoga and meditation as Feel Better About Yourself
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How You Can Start To Feel Better About Yourself

Life can get so hectic and chaotic and you need to start to feel better about yourself. We could be so busy looking after other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s easy to do. We have bills to pay, maybe families to feed, a life to live. But the thing is if we don’t take care of ourselves then none of those things will get done to the best of our ability.

Dsiabled woman and abled man having a date Disabled Dating - Dating With A Disability
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Disabled Dating – Dating With A Disability – 5 Ideas For Dating

When you think of disabled dating, you might wonder what you could do when dating with a disability. Although it can be harder depending on your disability, there are still many wonderful things you can do either online or offline. So I’ve put together some ideas for you but the one thing you must do …

The unapologetically anxious alternative Mum with Woman desktop elegant. Coffee cup and items on the table. Mock-up for artwork .View from above. Flat lay.
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Unapologetically Anxious Alternative Mum – The Anxious Mum

I am an unapologetically anxious alternative Mum and of course, known as the anxious Mum when it comes to the playground. Your stereotypical loner, looking at the phone, the floor and anywhere but the other parents. Standing alone, little smiles here and there and nods of the head. But really, I am anxious. I don’t …

Woman lying on the grass facing up trying to find your inner calm
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3 Sure Fire Ways To Find Your Inner Calm

If this pandemic has seen your mood dwindle, your blood pressure rise, and your anxiety increase, it’s time to consider how to find your inner calm. Losing your mojo for life can be soul-destroying. Even those people without any history of mental illness are finding their lives altering at such a dramatic rate that they …