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Almanacs For 2022 – From Gardening To The Moon

Almanacs For 2022 - From Gardening To The Moon

I wanted to list all of the Almanacs coming out for 2022. I am a collector and do keep quite a number of them, from Moonology to gardening and witchcraft. I usually order them when they are on pre-release, but do recommend grabbing them before 2022 starts so you are ready.

So, here are the best Almanacs coming out and there are many from Llewellyn.

Almanacs For 2022 – From Gardening To The Moon

Moonology Diary 2022 – Yasmin Boland


A popular diary right now is the Moonology 2022 Diary. I have the Moonology 2021 diary and absolutely enjoyed working with it throughout the year. I have used every single section throughout this book and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to work with the moon more closely.

Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac – Llewellyn

If you are looking to incorporate magic into your life every day, Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac really is a great almanac to keep yourself on the ball. Using the wheel of the year and celebrations, there is an abundance of different spells and you can keep these for any time you need them.

2022 Herbal Alamanc – Llewellyn

If you enjoy growing or using herbs, The 2022 Herbal Almanac is perfect for any budding herbalists or those that incorporate it into their practice. I’ve had this every year to help me learn more about herbs and enjoy the book to reflect on when I need to.

2022 Witches’ Companion – Llewellyn


A wonderful companion for 2022, the Witches companion is a great way to help you learn more about witchcraft in general. An easy to follow guidebook that gives you important aspects like lunar calendars.

Magical Almanac 2022 – Llewellyn

Another almanac I enjoy, the Witches Almanac 2022 is another in-depth alamanc giving you information on the wheel of the year to spells and various aspects. It helps you become more confident in your work and abilities.

Sabbats Almanac 2022 – Llewellyn

Starting in September 2021, the Sabbats Almanac is a comprehensive guide to the wheel of the year, also known as Sabbats. This is great to have on you to learn about the wheel of the year and have lots of information on celebrations. If you enjoy rituals, this one is for you!

The Practical Witches 2022 Almanac – Gladheart and Friday

One of my first almanacs is the Practical Witch’s Almanac and I still purchase this every year. It’s jam-packed full of spells, information and everything you can think of. From strengthening your devotion and craft to learning more things about it all. Well worth purchasing and using daily.

The Almanac: A seasonal guide to 2022 – Lia Leendertz

The Almanac A Seasonal Guide To 2022 is not a magic-related one, but an important one that I love. Firstly, this is jam-packed with information about seasons, the moon and even nature. It helps you celebrate every month and day giving you really in-depth details about the earth.

Night Sky Almanac 2022 – Storm Dunlop and Wil Tirion

If you love everything about the sky, then the Night Sky Almanac 2022 is for you. From learning about the sky and astrology, to where starts will be, this almanac gives you a large amount of information. Another favourite of mine, helping me learn more about stargazing!

The Weather Almanac 2022 – Storm Dunlop

The Weather Almanac 2022 is already on my list of almanacs for 2022. I love the weather and I am surprised how eerily accurate some of the weather almanacs can be They are never 100% right but it gives you an idea of the weather throughout the year. Especially good if you are a keen gardener.

Farmers Almanac

This has been running since the 1800s, the Farmers Alamanc is good for anyone who loves gardening. I keep one of these to hand especially when I am growing things. As I have a new greenhouse, I am buying them for 2022! Another accurate forecast for weather too.

The Old Farmers Almanac

The Old Farmers Almanac is a really comprehensive almanac you can use for gardening. Another version of the Farmers Almanac, I enjoy this one just as much and do collect a number of them. This helps you know when the right time to get planting things, giving you a great idea on the weather too.

The Family Astronomical Almanac

The Family Astronomical Almanac 2022 is a keeper for those who love astronomy. Again, if you love astronomy and astrology, having an almanac is really handy to know when things are happening in the sky. This is perfect to keep on you for celebrating the sky, or just seeing when you can catch a meteor shower.

2022 has a wonderful range of almanacs coming to us and some are already out, whilst a few others are on pre-order.

If you are looking to start being more serious in your craft, these are a great way to get you involved and help you learn more about the year ahead.

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  1. I want them all! I usually get the Witches guide and moonology ones though. Love them!

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